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Welcome to Next Wave Tax Services!

Tax Preparation for individuals, families and small business is the foundation of our business. We provide unique services for each individual, as each case is different. We assist you with getting the biggest return allowed by law. From the beginning to the end, the Professionals at Next Wave Tax Services has one goal – the best solution for our Clients!

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Phone: 1 (980) 245-0589
Address: Charlotte, North Carolina

Financial Freedom is in Your Future!

Business Coaching

The professionals at Next Wave, specialize in many key areas, and are here to help you with all your Business Coaching Needs.

Business Coaching

The most useful time to seek professional business advice and support is before starting. Starting a business is a tedious task and comes with a lot of uncertainty; rest the assure Next Wave is here to  gives advice, teach skills, and brainstorms with the client to produce practical results and enhance strategic thinking. 

“Business coaching”, will aid in creating success by focusing on personal development: time management, self-sabotaging behavior (like procrastination and distraction), finding clarity, decision making, and getting into action! 

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Our goal is aimed at increasing the bottom line of the company by increasing revenues and/or reducing costs. 

Our coaching program provides personal advice, feedback, and information to help you:

  • Assess, confirm, and enhance your current plans
  • Discover & evaluate new opportunities
  • Acquire new ideas

Contact us TODAY to schedule a free consultation by clicking below or call 980.245.0589 to speak to a Next Wave Professional!

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