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Welcome to Next Wave Tax Services!

Tax Preparation for individuals, families and small business is the foundation of our business. We provide unique services for each individual, as each case is different. We assist you with getting the biggest return allowed by law. From the beginning to the end, the Professionals at Next Wave Tax Services has one goal – the best solution for our Clients!

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Personal Umbrella Policies

Next Wave Tax Services offers insurance to protect yourself, family and what matters the most!

Personal umbrella liability insurance through Next Wave is designed to protect you against the financial devastation and hardship that can result from a personal liability lawsuit. It goes beyond the liability coverage typically provided by your auto, home and boat insurance with higher amounts of coverage.

Life is unpredictable, and as much as you plan, there’s always something around the bend that never crossed your worried mind.

If the unexpected occurs, do you have enough liability limits to protect your and your family’s assets the way you want?

If you were found liable for an accident, would your current liability limits cover the judgment against you, or could your assets be at risk?

With a Personal Umbrella policy from Next Wave, you’ll have additional liability limits over and above those provided by your underlying Policies. Your assets, as well as your future earnings, are covered.

At Next Wave, we make it easy for you to acquire everything you need in one place! Call 1 (980) 245.0589 to speak with one of our highly trained representatives today to obtain a quote.

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